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Webb Youth Services is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization. We fund educational assistance, therapeutic support services, and extracurricular activities for children in the Litchfield and Fairfield Counties of CT.

OUR MISSION: To provide life changing therapeutic services to those youths most in need.

FUNDING: We are a 100% volunteer non-profit organization and 100% of the money we raise is awarded to families that are in financial need.

OUR METHOD: Webb Youth Services' volunteers work with a carefully curated list of mental health professionals, specialty schools, guidance counselors, and social support services, offering excellent support for our clients. Webb Youth Services' board members review each application, considering any activity in which a child is interested, sending registration fees directly to the assisting organization, supporting for our local mental health and education specialists.

OUR IMPACT: Webb Youth Services supports both children and the local community. Many parents have been forced to reduce their spending because these essential services are just not manageable financially.  As a result, many children suffer in silence and, often, fall behind academically. Local businesses and support services also suffer. Webb Youth Services connects these needed services with the children who need them, supporting the growth and well-being of our community on many levels.

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